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House buying process

The majority of house purchases proceed without complications, but we have the expertise necessary to advise you if problems arise.

When buying a house we ensure that your new home does not have any unforeseen disputes over rights of way, boundaries, fences, restrictive covenants, road charges or other legal entanglements. 

We will also tell you of any unusual circumstances which may affect your ownership of the property e.g. proximity to a flood plain and talk you through the relevant provisions of the title documentation to your new home.

Our job is to make you fully aware of the matters affecting the property before you proceed.

Normal Process

  • After receiving the contract from the Seller's Solicitors, we check through the documentation and raise any specific queries with the Seller's solicitor.
  • We will send you copies of the plan of the property, relevant parts of the title and copies of the fixtures fitting and contents list for you to check.
  • Surveyor's report - Your lender's valuation report is simply that. It is not a full structural survey and is therefore not certain to uncover defects in the property.  We recommend that you appoint a surveyor to prepare a full report. Where significant defects are found, it may be possible to negotiate a lower price or a contribution towards the works with the Seller.  If the house you are buying is newly-constructed you may wish to obtain a defect report or a professional snaggers report.
  • We will carry out all necessary local mining, drainage environmental and flood risk searches, to ensure that the property is not affected by any environmental issues, such as radon gas or any other matters or plans which might deter you from buying it or affecting future saleability.  We can also offer further searches to check planning permissions in the vicinity on request.
  • Receipt of mortgage offer - Written confirmation of the mortgage advance will be received from the bank or building society.
  • We will explain the effect and implications of the contract and mortgage documentation to you before you sign, usually at a face to face meeting, but we are also happy to deal with this reporting by post or email if you prefer.
  • Exchange of contracts - This takes place after the deposit is paid. Once contracts have been exchanged, the sale is legally binding, and the completion date fixed.  The completion date is the actual moving date.
  • Receipt of mortgage funds - We receive the funds from your mortgage lender.
  • Completion - The full purchase price is paid over and ownership of the property is transferred to you.
  • In the case of a simultaneous sale and purchase, timing is essential and our experience in this area will ensure that both transactions go through at the same time.
  • After completion, we continue to act on your behalf - ensuring that any land transaction tax is paid and that the title to the property is properly registered at the Land Registry.
  • After this, a copy of the title will be sent to your mortgage lender and any additional papers sent to you or, where there is no mortgage, stored by us on your behalf.


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"Your service was simply the best I have personally experienced over several house sales/purchases"